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The way Juve says New York?! New Yawk. Jesus!!!!!

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People called rock & roll ‘African music.’ They called it ‘voodoo music.’ They said that it would drive the kids insane. They said that it was just a flash in the pan - the same thing that they always used to say about hip-hop.

LITTLE RICHARD (via blackgirlsrpretty2)

Would ya look at that…for folks who still don’t know who created certain genres of music, here you have it. Now, lets not let hip hop go the same route in the next few decades. After all, those who don’t know history are bound to repeat it.

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this is so unfunny like nicki is obviously not happy with this

^^^^its a spoof show you fuck tard

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Artist: Kanye West
Song: Runaway
Plays: 169,667

Never was much of a romantic
I could never take the intimacy
And I know I did damage
Cause the look in your eyes is killing me
I guess you’ve got another advantage
Cause you could blame me for everything
And I don’t know how I’ma manage
If one day you just up and leave

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Artist: Chris Brown
Song: Poppin'
Album: Chris Brown
Plays: 10,015



Chris Brown - Poppin’ 

christopher maurice brown was sangin about me if u didn’t know. 

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